Omar Wani, Dr. sc. 

Asst. ProfessorHydrologic Systems GroupDept. of Civil & Urban Eng.New York University, USAomarwani [at]

Omar Wani works in the field of environmental science and engineering - where the overarching goal is "the application of scientific and engineering principles to improve and maintain the environment." Specifically, his research work entails advanced statistical and computational modeling of various water and water-infrastructure systems, in both built and natural environments. One of the main goals of his research is to enable and encourage risk-based decision-making under uncertainty. He likes to work at the intersection of science and application. Apart from research, he enjoys stimulating conversations, reading poetry, running along streams, hiking up to glaciers, and traveling in general.

Research Interests:

Statistical & Computational Hydrosciences; Smart Water & Water-Infrastructure Management; 

Hydroclimatic Risks & Uncertainty; Fluvial Geomorphology

Prospective postdoc researchers: If you are interested in writing a postdoc proposal with me, please drop me an email, with a brief note on your academic background and interests. Thank you.Internships and bachelor's/master's thesis: If you are interested in doing a research internship or a bachelor's/master's thesis with me, please drop me an email with your CV attached. Thank you.